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Tile can be cut by scoring it with a glass cutter, then applying force to the score. It is best to use the modified karate method.

Set the scored tile on a pencil. Hold down one side and push on the other. The tile should break along the score.

You can also use a tile-cutting apparatus for this procedure. However, the Karate Federation can reduce your status an entire belt level if they find out you wimped out by using a cutter.


Grout sounds like something halfway between a growl and a shout. (Tony the Tiger would make a great mascot for this product, "Iiiiiiiittt's GROUT!") For a military man, it could be a grunt or a scout. ("They sent the grout into the free fire zone to check for land mines.") As for a mime, it would be an expression somewhere between a grimace and a pout. (Try imagining that one, or better yet, get a mime to show it to you.)

In tiling, grout is considered a glue and a filler. It comes in little sacks and must be mixed with either water or latex. The resulting concoction should have the look and feel of pancake batter. A few egg whites beaten and folded into this batter will make it light and fluffy. However, eggs do nothing to improve grout's waterproofing qualities.

Grout is spread over the tile, then pushed into the cracks between the tile with a rubber-backed trowel. Do not leave any gaps in the grout, this will not only look bad, but it will allow moisture behind the surface of the tile and can cause rotting, mold, etc.

The grout that could not be shoved into the crack should be wiped away with a damp sponge or a rag. Be sure not to wipe out the grout that is in the cracks. After your wiping job, there will still be a film over your tile. Diligently attack this film with clean rags to leave your tile fresh and new looking.

Some types of tile need to be sealed. Sealer is simply another protection from moisture. It spreads on easily and wipes off easily, leaving you with a beautiful, glossy finish. With some types of sealer, this gloss can be slippery, so be careful or wear your wife's socks when walking on it; dried glue on the soles provides excellent traction.

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