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Global Warming Caused by Shovelling

It has come to light that the real culprit in the world of global warming may not be carbon emmissions. Our own staff professor, Von Schlockensliel has produced a new theory that logically proves the case that Global Warming is the result of snow shovelling. How can this be? A quick view of the video below will explain it:

The professor is a noted climb-it-ologist. At least he knows his way around and down a ladder. His qualifications aside, his argument makes tremendous sense. All this back-breaking shovelling that we have been doing for years has been the cause of the increase in temperatures. In fact, a study has been done that conclusively proves that where there is less snow cover it is generally warmer. It also makes perfect sense that the white snow would reflect the sunlight the way that a white T-shirt might reflect the summer sun and helps to keep the body cool. Also, you see very few Arabs wearing black robes, unless they can afford air-conditioning.

Thus, it would be wise to take the professor's advice and cease all this snow-shovelling. However, I don't think he said anything about using a snow-blower? We will have to query him on that one. "Professor...professor?" Return to Index

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