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Shingles are another of those commodities that are heavy but do not take much space. In getting them home, use the same procedure you would follow for cement. However, transporting them from the ground to the rooftop is another question.

Many of the high-tech roofing companies have a truck with a conveyer arm that will drop each bundle of shingles onto the peak of the roof. You will probably not have this luxury. Instead, you are going to throw a bundle of shingles over your shoulder, mount the ladder and climb to the rooftop. This is the manly way to transport shingles. It is also the painful way to transport shingles. After three or four bundles, you are going to be rubbing your shoulder and reaching for the Ben Gay.

Although I personally prefer to carry two bundles at a time, there is an easier method...Take the shingles to the back yard as this method may subject you to nodding heads and knowing looks. It would not do to have everyone who happens to drive by, slowing down to watch you rip open a bundle and carry a half-dozen shingles at a time (rather than the entire package). If someone does happen to catch you at this sissified mode of transport, explain to them that the pansy-sized bundle in your arms is the last bit you were going to carry to the roof before breaking for lunch or supper or a tea party with your daughter.

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