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Painting a house serves two purposes. First, it forms a protective coating for your wood siding and your drywall. Second, it is meant to beautify your home. The second purpose is neither vital nor necessarily accomplished with a coat of paint.


With the pigments available today, a painter can create any color he is capable of imagining. A homeowner with a strong stomach can acquire tints to turn his or her house any hue from eggplant purple to mucus green.

Before indulging your taste, it might be wise to check with your homeowners association for possible covenants or restrictions to your first amendment right to free expression.

The homeowner associations may be more concerned about the color of your house than you are. Many have regulations minutely defining the color paint you may use and whether you must brush, roll or use finger paint. These associations were formed to protect the property values of the neighborhood as well as the sanity of innocent children.

Failure to follow association regulations can have severe repercussions. They may require a violator not only to repaint, but to pay the psychiatric counseling fees for anyone adversely affected by the pernicious sight of an ugly house.

Marketing studies recently confirmed what has long been known in the real estate industry: bland colors are better than vibrant colors for the resale value of a home. This may explain why every house on the block, except mine, is tan with light brown trim.

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