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When you bought your permit, you paid for more than permission to build an addition. Part of your big bucks went to have someone stop by your project at periodic intervals. This person does not come by for a friendly chat. He or she is coming to scrutinize your work and to tell you every nit-picking thing wrong with your addition. The worst part is they will not let you proceed on your addition until you have corrected those deficiencies.

It is a service I'd rather not pay for. After all, I have a wife, and she performs the inspector function admirably.

When we first decided to build an addition, Robin immediately went to the dime store to buy a magnifying glass and a fine-toothed comb. Every day she examined the progress, and every day she pointed out something that needed correcting.

I can and do occasionally confound my wife's best efforts to insert quality control into a project. According to my wife, the inspectors take up the slack where she leaves off.

At the end of every phase of construction, digging, framing, plumbing, electricity, etc., the B-B PUD requires the builder to make an appointment for an inspection. I have nothing personal against inspectors. Yet I hate to call, talk to, or see them. I feel about them the same way I feel about a dentist: I'm afraid of what they will do to me for my own good.

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