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My wife, when she has the courage to watch me work with wood, has a habit of following me around and unplugging every power tool as I finish using it. She says she is concerned with my safety. I think she has read too many Stephen King novels. Every time I pull the trigger on the power drill or fire up the radial arm saw, I see a twinge of fear in her eyes. She is not afraid of me. She is afraid of the machine, as if it might have a life of its own. Fed by raw electricity and uncontrolled by the human hand, she believes it has the potential to go berserk - chasing young women, her included, and making every effort to relieve them of a digit or a limb.

I have a gentler view of power tools. I think, if one ever came to life, it would have a helpful personality and a strong work ethic. It would thrust itself into my hands and help me cut enough lumber to finish the entire addition.

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