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The Fat Fireman Rule, as you can see, caused me considerable trouble. The B-B PUD should do something to ameliorate its effects. Rather than put home builders and remodelers through the time and expense of accommodating the earnest Fat Fireman, wouldn't it be easier just to fire fat firemen?

Excuse me for being insensitive. Excuse me for thinking aloud. Excuse me for being pragmatic. Shouldn't there be some kind of weight requirement to be a fireman? To do his job effectively a fireman should be fit and relatively trim. As much as any soldier, a fireman needs to be agile, well-trained and able to get expeditiously to the scene of combat.

I have nothing against people who are overweight. I only object to being forced to accommodate a group of firemen who could save more lives and my labor if they would conscientiously put in some time at their health club.

I wonder whether the Fat Fireman Rule might be unnecessary anyway. I have never met a fireman who was so overweight that, with a little axle grease, he could not be shoved through my old attic access.

Having raved incoherently on this topic it will probably be a fat fireman crawling through the big, low window I installed that is going to save my life someday.

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