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There may be some research associated with blueprint drawing. You will be forced, in advance, to find out width requirements for joist spans of various lengths, required chimney heights over roof lines, and most importantly: the standard deviation of the latest prime rate as promulgated by the Federal Reserve Board. Most of the information you need can be found in your local library. They have a wide selection of books on most building-related topics. The only problem is that most of these sources are as old as your Uncle Ed's collection of Field and Stream that he keeps in his ice-fishing shack on Lake Wanka-Tonka-Hullabaloo. Luckily, things have not changed much for floor joists in the last fifty years, unless you want to use one of those fancy new plywood I-beams. However, there are some requirements that are relatively new, especially with regard to fire safety and earthquake protection. Check with your local B-B PUD to find out where they come up with all their regulations. Don't be surprised when they refer you to your Uncle Ed's fishing shack.

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